Repair and Restoration


Over the span of its life, jewellery will inevitably be exposed to wear-and-tear, the occasional knock, contact with hard surfaces, chemicals, pollution, and temperature variations.

Preserving your jewellery in its original condition will require a little extra care and maintenance. We recommend you visit our Subiaco jewellers with your pieces at least once a year, so we can clean your jewellery, assess if there is any wear-and-tear, ensure your gems are safe and secure in their settings and advise if any maintenance is required.

Our repair services include, resizing rings, replacing and resetting diamonds and other gemstones, as well as rebuilding settings, and repairing chains and bracelets.

We also offer a range of other jewellery repair services in our Subiaco Jewellers, so bring your piece in to have its condition assessed, and receive a customised repair quote.


Our services include the restoration of antique jewellery, vintage jewellery, and inherited family heirlooms. Jewels that have been passed down in your family for generations will carry the individual stories, celebrations, and milestones of their former owners. Your family’s beloved pieces may require some restoration work to keep their aesthetic as beautiful as their heritage.

Extend the stories of your treasured jewels by giving them new life with a quality restoration at Thomas Meihofer Jewellery Design.


We provide complimentary cleaning services for jewellery purchased at Thomas Meihofer for the lifetime of the piece. We recommend that you visit us on a regular basis to clean your jewellery. It only takes a few minutes and the result will be remarkable.