Jewellery Remodelling

Extend the life of your existing jewellery with Thomas Meihofer. Transform the pieces you no longer wear into jewellery that suits your current style and design preferences. By trusting our jewellery designers to remodel your precious pieces, you will be reawakening the intrinsic beauty of your treasures and preserving the memories that are encapsulated within each piece.

If you have inherited jewellery from a loved one, it will most likely carry a lifetime of sentimental meaning, but their style may not be yours. At Thomas Meihofer, our Perth jewellery designers specialise in preserving the sentimentality embodied within your precious jewels, whilst also transforming the design into a piece that is distinctively you.

In our Perth-based studio, our jewellery designers offer a complete design and consultation service for the remodelling of your jewellery. Whether you have a clear vision of the piece you would like to create with your gemstones and precious metals, or are seeking advice and suggestions, we will discuss your ideas, wishes, and preferences with you. At Thomas Meihofer, we are here to help guide you through the design possibilities for your new piece.

With the aid of hand sketches or rendered drawings, our award-winning jewellery designers will create an elegant piece of jewellery that perfectly encapsulates your sense of style. Our talented Subiaco jewellers will then meticulously craft your design in our on-site studio workshop. Throughout the various stages of the process, our artisans will harness their skills and expertise to bring your design to life. If you’re interested in more information about our jewellery remodelling services, contact our Perth-based studio on 08 9388 6288. Or book below if you’re ready for your first consultation.