Custom Designed Jewellery

At Thomas Meihofer, our focus is the creation of exquisitely crafted, custom made jewellery. It is here that we do our best work. Conveniently located in Perth, our European influenced jewellery has won numerous awards and we apply these skills to each bespoke design.

We believe that each person is unique, and your jewellery should be an expression of your personality, lifestyle and preferences. With this in mind, we collaborate with each of our clients to create a distinctive design which is unique to them.

If you are looking for custom made jewellery in Perth, look no further. At Thomas Meihofer, we offer a complete design and consultation service to ensure we will make your jewellery design journey a memorable experience. Whether you have a clear vision of the piece you would like to create, or you would like to seek advice and suggestions, we can help. Either way, hand sketches or rendered drawings will enable our artistic jewellery designers to create elegant jewellery designs that perfectly encapsulate your sense of style.

We hand select luxurious diamonds and gems from around the world to ensure your custom made piece radiates elegance and perfection. As gemmologists and diamond graders, we always ensure that each gemstone is beautiful and befitting of your Thomas Meihofer custom jewellery design.

Visit our Perth studio and our talented jewellers will meticulously craft your design in our on-site workshop. Throughout the entire process, our skilled artisans will harness their skills to bring your design to life using only the finest materials and precision tools.

Our creative design approach has cemented our reputation as being one of Perth’s most exclusive jewellers. Whether it is a diamond engagement ring, wedding rings, pearl earrings, a precious stone pendant, or any form of women’s or men’s jewellery, our team of professionals are passionate about creating and handcrafting unique and beautiful jewellery for you. Contact us on 08 9388 6288 to discuss your ideas. If you’re ready for a consultation with a member of our expert team, book below.